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6th September, 2017

Latest RHI News – What does it all mean?

Effective from 31 July 2017, the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) introduced a change to the Domestic RHI Regulations to reflect the latest version of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) installation standard for heat pumps.


Included in the regulations are:

  • Domestic
    • increases to biomass and heat pump tariffs in the Domestic RHI; the new tariffs are as expected
    • the introduction of heat demand limits for biomass and heat pumps in the Domestic RHI
  • Non-domestic
    • the alignment of the different tariffs available for small, medium and large biomass in the Non-domestic RHI with revised tiering for all sizes of plant.  This includes changing the tiering threshold from 15% to 35% of heat load for small and medium biomass and introducing a 35% threshold for large biomass; the new tariffs are as expected
  • Both schemes
    • the extension of expenditure and growth thresholds for the calculation of degression for both schemes for 31st October 2017, 31st January 2018, 30th April 2018 and any date after 30th July 2018, in anticipation of the thresholds being extended out to 2020/21 in other amendments to follow later this year.

Due to the introduction of these reforms there will be no degressions to tariffs on 1 October, with the next potential degressions to apply on 1 January 2018 and to be announced by 1 December. 

Detailed information and tariff tables can be found in the Ofgem Factsheet.


9th January, 2017

Increase in RHI Tariff – Great news for heat pumps!

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for both ground source and air source heat pumps has been increased.  This is great news for all new applicants and ensures these technologies remain the most cost effective form of heating for all our futures.

  • The tariffs for new ASHPs will be increased to 10.02 pence per kilowatt-hour (p/kWh).
  • The tariffs for new GSHPs will be increased to 19.55p/kWh.
  • The increased tariff for biomass boilers and stoves, ASHPs and GSHPs will be applicable to those participants who apply to the scheme on or after 14 December 2016 (the date the consultation response was published) although the increased tariffs will only apply from the date the regulations come into force. Participants will receive the existing tariffs for heat used (on the basis of either deeming or metering) before this point. This approach is intended to encourage consumers to continue to install renewable heating systems between the date of the consultation response and the date the changes come into force, to avoid a hiatus in investment and consequential impacts on the supply chain.
  • Heat demand limits will be introduced, to limit the level of annual heat demand in respect of which any household can receive support. The heat demand limits will be set at 20,000kWh for ASHPs, 25,000kWh for biomass boilers and stoves and 30,000kWh for GSHPs. However, this will not disqualify properties with higher heat demands from applying to the scheme. There will be no heat demand limit for solar thermal.
  • All new ASHPs and GSHPs applying for support under the scheme will be required to have electricity metering to monitor their heating system. However, payments will continue to be on the basis of the deemed heating requirements of the property, except for second homes and where a renewable heating system is installed alongside another heating system, in which cases payments will continue to be on the basis of heat metering.

Source – Energy Savings Trust

9th January, 2017

“So This Salesman Came to My Door…” Beware the Biomass Hype

privateThere’s an awful lot of talk about Biomass boilers at the moment. And they can be a great choice for certain types of properties. However, we’ve been hearing some horror stories about bad installations, and pressure-sell sales tactics. There are some great suppliers out there, some really reputable firms who are doing great work. But we do think that it’s worth bearing a few things in mind when someone tries to sell you a biomass boiler – including us! Read More >

8th October, 2016

Do Heat Pumps Really Work? Myths About Heat Pumps

mythsThey’re noisy! They’re expensive! They attract wild animals to your house! (Well, maybe not that last one.) We were founded in 2010, we have 50 years of collective experience on our staff, and we’ve heard all sorts of fairy tales and fables about heat pumps. Here’s a selection of our favourites: Read More >

7th August, 2016

Would there ever be a reason we wouldn’t quote?

clipboardSo, you’ve decided that you’re going to install some renewables products. (Good choice!) You’ve given Black Isle Renewables a call, along with a few other firms, and we’ve come to survey the site. We’ve asked questions, taken measurements, and made some notes. But would there ever be a reason that we wouldn’t give you a quote?

Read More >

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