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7th February, 2018

Would there ever be a reason we wouldn’t quote?

clipboardSo, you’ve decided that you’re going to install some renewables products. (Good choice!) You’ve given Black Isle Renewables a call, along with a few other firms, and we’ve come to survey the site. We’ve asked questions, taken measurements, and made some notes. But would there ever be a reason that we wouldn’t give you a quote?

There wasn’t room to install the product

You might be really keen to have a particular combination of products, but there are certain physical limitations on what we can do. For example, solar panels need a certain amount of room, they need to be angled correctly and they’re best if they’re not overlooked by trees, dormer windows or chimneys for example. If we can’t find a way to install them correctly, there’s no point in us putting them in.

Similarly, ground source heat pumps need room to lay the collector pipes. There are some ways to work in restricted areas – using a borehole, for example.

You weren’t going to save any money

Maybe you’re really keen on a heat pump, but you’re on mains gas. If you’re on mains gas then you might not see much difference with a heat pump – although you will if you’re using oil or LPG.

If saving money is one of your aims, we won’t try and sell you something that doesn’t do that!

The system wasn’t going to suit your house

You might have read a lot about biomass boilers (there’s a lot out there at the minute), and maybe someone’s even been out to your house to sell you one. But biomass isn’t suitable for all houses, and a badly fitted one can even cost you money. We’ll do a full assessment on the heat loss from your house, and always make sure that you get a product that’s right for you.

It’s not going to happen often, but if it does, it’s for a good reason. We only want to do business with people whom we think we can help; and if that’s not you, we’re not going to force the issue. We promise that we’ll always give you the best advice we can: even if that means that you don’t hire us.

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