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6th June, 2018

Do Heat Pumps Really Work? Myths About Heat Pumps

mythsThey’re noisy! They’re expensive! They attract wild animals to your house! (Well, maybe not that last one.) We were founded in 2010, we have over 60 years of collective experience on our staff, and we’ve heard all sorts of fairy tales and fables about heat pumps. Here’s a selection of our favourites:

MYTH: Heat pumps are noisy

This seems to be a fairly common misconception, but it’s really not true. A properly installed heat pump, whether ground source or air source, is very quiet. If there is noise coming from your pump, it means that something’s wrong, and you should call your installer…

MYTH: Heat pumps are expensive

They’re not free, but a heat pump is an investment, and when it’s properly installed, can save you money on your heating bills. If you’re worried about the initial cost of installation, you should take a look at the kinds of grants and incentives which are available.

MYTH: Heat pumps need a backup boiler

We’re really not sure where this one comes from. Whilst you will still need to pay for electricity to power the pump, once it’s installed, your heat pump will provide you with all the heating and hot water you’ll need. We recommend combining your heat pump with larger radiators or underfloor heating, if that’s possible.

MYTH: Heat pumps can’t be installed on old properties

Oh dear. If this were true, we wouldn’t be as busy as we are! We’ve installed heat pumps into all sorts of properties, including a 15th century castle. We do do a lot of work on new builds, as it can save you money if you combine heat pump installation with other work. But we can work on all sorts of properties, and we certainly like a challenge…

MYTH: Heat pumps will make you rich, famous, and more attractive.



Image: A Book of Myths” By Helen Stratton, via Wikimedia Commons

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