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call us on
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Glengarry Hall – Glengarry


We installed a ground source heat pump in this community hall, giving it a more sustainable future.

The hall committee were faced with a familiar problem: rising oil costs forcing hire fees up, and making a vital community asset unsustainable.

As the price of oil rose, the hall committee would be forced to increase hire fees to cover their energy bills. This would lead to less use of the hall, which seemed a great shame for the community.

The alternatives were either a large Biomass boiler or a ground source heat pump. The capital costs were broadly similar. However, the need to order and store the fuel for the Biomass boiler was unappealing, and there was a maintenance issue. All wood fired systems need to be fed and cleaned by someone!

What the hall needed was a “fit and forget” system, and a ground source heat pumps was just what they needed. The system is always on, and programmed to be at a lower setting at night or when the hall is not in use. Adjustments can easily be made if needed, but no maintenance or cleaning is needed other than that.

We were happy to be able to help build a more sustainable future for this volunteer-run organisation.

If your community is facing a similar problem, call us on 01349 877258, or email and we can chat about the best way forward.

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