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Anthony Bryant – Fortrose


We installed an air source heat pump in Anthony’s home in Fortrose, not far from our office.

The installation took place in February 2012, in a ten year old house spread over two floors.

“The whole house has full insulation to modern standards. In making the change to a heat pump, it was only necessary to replace the oil boiler, tank and controls.

Since the heat pump was installed, our heating is the same, and the hot water is definitely hotter and more reliable.”
One of Anthony’s priorities was to get away from expensive fossil fuels:

“It was partly the large rise in the oil price that encouraged the change. The price of oil in 2002 was 18p per litre. At the time the heat pump was installed it was 71p. By September 2012, the price was 73p/lt. (all including VAT). Whilst we had no flow meter, oil purchases over several years, average at 7 lt per day. On that basis oil cost per day is £5.11 at current prices.

Electricity recorded whilst having oil heating, for light, and all other non heating use averaged 11.89 units per day. Electricity is currently c.12.2p a unit, not counting anything for standing charges required for non heating consumption anyway.”
Happily, the installation has helped him to save money:

“No boiler service was required saving about £60+, and it’s reasonable to suggest a likely saving of £3 per day, or around £1000 per annum.

These figures represent an investment of over 10%; or a 7 ½ year pay back. It is reasonable to expect longer life for the system than that, so it should prove an excellent investment. It definitely environmentally beneficial, and should be more convenient; it does not run out of oil, and servicing is not required.”

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